Tax Assurance Services

Tax Assurance Services

Our tax assurance services at WTS Tax Matrix provide peace of mind by ensuring your tax affairs are in perfect order. We offer thorough tax health checks, due diligence for new ventures, and comprehensive reviews of your tax computations and returns. Our proactive approach helps you stay compliant and prepared for any tax-related challenges.

  • Tax health checks on various tax heads.
  • Tax Due diligence for new entrants.
  • Computation of corporate income tax and deferred tax
  • Review of tax computations and returns.
  • Filing of Quarterly and Annual Income Tax Returns
  • Voluntary disclosure applications.
  • Verifying and re-computation of ZIMRA computations.
  • Assistance with ZIMRA audit queries
Zandile Ndebele
Zandile NdebeleSenior Tax Manager

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